The three organizations that jointly systematically monitor war crimes trials in Croatia and the region since 2005, Documenta, Civic Committee for Human Rights and the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights recently published and presented an Annual Report on War Crimes Trials in 2011 year.

On this occasion we organize a round table entitled "Necessity of effective prosecution of war crimes by strengthening regional cooperation and the prosecution of persons responsible command" which will present the key findings from the report. Roundtable will be held on Wednesday, 14 March 2012 at Novinarski dom (Perkovčeva 2, Zagreb), 11-14h.

In addition to the key findings of the annual report and the importance of regional cooperation in the effective procesuiiranju war crimes, the roundtable will talk about the development of support systems for victims and witnesses, and the issue of compensation to victims.

Program okruglog stola o procesuiranju ratnih zločina

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