Crime in Kablar near Karlovac


Toponym: Crime in Kablar near Karlovac

Rijeka County Court

Case No. K-rz-1/15

War Crimes Council: Ika Šarić, president

Indictment: K-DO-32/13-IV, dated 23 June 2014

The indictment is represented by: Doris Hrast, Deputy County State Attorney in Rijeka

Criminal offense: War Crimes against Civilians, Art. 120(1) of Penal Code of the Republic of Croatia

Accused: Marko Carević, released pending trial and Ljuban Linta, tried in absentia

Victims: Ivan Grgić, killed

Description of the crime: Te first defendant is charged as commander of military formation for the death of an 83-year-old man in Kablar at the beginning of October 1991. He then allegedly commanded two years younger soldier, Ljuban Linta, to kill the old man they captured, which he did by firing an unidentified number of ammunition from an automatic rifle, out of the immediate vicinity, in Ivan Grgić.

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