Crime in Baćin

Trial against Branko Dmitrović, Slobodan Borojević, Milinko Janjetović, Momčilo Kovačević, Stevo Radunović, Veljko Radunović, Katica Pekić, Marin Krivošić and Stevan Dodoš for a war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH.


The defendants (the 1st - the 4th) are charged that, from 18 to 21 October 1991 for the purpose of ethnic cleansing of the then-occupied territory of Hrvatska Dubica, Cerovljani and Baćin, together with now-late Stevo Borojević a.k.a. Gadafi, they planned and made a list of remaining population in the villages Cerovljani and Hrvatska Dubica and ordered their killing; whereas the defendants (5th -9th ) by following the mentioned order issued by their superiors on the basis of that list, brought by force at least seventy civilians of Croatian ethnicity and detained them in the Fire Department buildings in Cerovljani and Hrvatska Dubica. Out of the mentioned number of detained civilians, owing to interventions by relatives and friends, at least ten persons were released from the detention. Subsequently on 21 October 1991, the remaining civilians (at least 56) detained in the Fire Department building in Hrvatska Dubica were taken by bus to Baćin and were followed by an armed escort, and there policemen of the "Police SAO Krajina" led by now-late police commander Stevo Borojević a.k.a. Gadafi killed the mentioned civilians by shooting from automatic weapons at the site known as "Skelište".

Click here to read in Croatian the Sisak County State Attorney's Office indictment no. KT-89/94 of 29 October 2010.


Sisak County Court

Case file number: K- 32/2010

Panel of judges: judge Snježana Mrkoci, President of the Council, judges Ljubica Balder and Željko Mlinarić, Council Members

Indictment: no. KT-89/94 of 29 October 2010 issued by the Sisak County State Attorney's Office

Prosecution: Stipe Vrdoljak, Sisak County State Attorney's Office

Criminal offence: war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH

Defendants: Branko Dmitrović - 1st defendant, Slobodan Borojević - 2nd defendant, Milinko Janjetović - 3rd defendant, Momčilo Kovačević - 4th defendant, Stevo Radunović - 5thdefendant, Veljko Radunović - 6th defendant, Katica Pekić - 7th defendant, Marin Krivošić - 8th defendant and Stevan Dodoš - 9th defendant

The 8th defendant Marin Krivošić is the only defendant available to the Court. He was extradited from Monte Negro and is held in custody.

Defence: Mersiha Mulalić, lawyer practising in Sisak - court-appointed defence counsel representing the 1st defendant; Vinko Dizdar, lawyer practising in Novska representing the 2nd defendant; Snježana Drvodelić, lawyer practising in Petrinja - court-appointed defence counsel representing the 3rd defendant; Vlasta Joksimović, lawyer practising in Sisak - court-appointed defence counsel representing the 4th defendant; Danko Kovač, lawyer practising in Sisak, court-appointed defence counsel representing the 6th defendant ; Mario Milardović, lawyer practising in Sisak - court-appointed defence counsel representing the 7th defendant; Zorko Konstanjšek, lawyer practising in Sisak - court-appointed defence counsel representing the 8th defendant; Berislav Balenović, lawyer practising in Sisak - court-appointed defence counsel representing the 9th defendant.

Attorneys-in-fact representing injured parties: noone

Victims: Antun Švračić, Marija Švračić, Josip Antolović, Marija Batinović, Nikola Lončarić, Soka Pezo, Mijo Čović, Ana Ferić, Stjepan Sabljar, Terezija Kramarić, Filip Jukić, Antun Djukić, Marija Djukić, Ana Dikulić, Mijo Krnić, Antun Mucavac, Katarina Vladić, Marija Milašinović, Marija Jukić, Marija Šestić, Antun Krivaić, Ana Tepić, Veronika Jukić, Soka Volarević, Kata Lončar, Marija Antolović, Katarina Alavančić, Kata Ferić, Juraj Ferić, Terezija Alavančić, Barbara Kropf, Ana Piktija, Pavao Kropf, Ruža Dikulić, Veronika Stanković, Ivan Kulišić, Sofija Dikulić - from Hrvatska Dubica; Ana Blinja, Andrija Likić, Ana Lončar, Josip Blinja, Kata Blinja - from Cerovljani; Mara Čorić from Prijedor and thirteen still unidentified persons.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia passed a decision on 12 April 2011 in which it accepted the DORH's proposal and transferred the case from the Sisak County Court to the Rijeka County Court.

Rijeka County Court

Case file number: 

War Crimes Council (panel): judge Ika Šarić, President of the Council



On 11 March 2013, the Rijeka County Court's War Crimes Council pronounced the verdict in which seven defendants were found guilty and sentenced to the following prison sentences: Branko Dmitrović (15 years), Slobodan Borojević (15 years), Milinko Janjetović (20 years), Momčilo Kovačević (20 years), Stevo Radunović (20 years), Veljko Radunović (20 years) and Stevan Dodoš (15 years) of imprisonment. They are not available to the Croatian judiciary. The charges were rejected in respect of Dragica Pekić and Marin Krivošić, the only available accused person, because the charges against them were amended earlier. Amended indictment charged them with armed rebellion and therefore the provisions of the Amnesty Act were applied against them. Marin Krivošić is released from detention.

Zločin u Baćinu - Izvještaji s praćenja suđenja

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