Flemish PEN calls for Establishment of RECOM


Flemish PEN calls for Establishment of RECOM

PEN Vlaanderen, the Dutch-speaking Belgian centre of PEN International, called on the Presidents of all countries in the former Yugoslavia to do everything in their power to establish a regional commission for the establishment of the facts about war crimes and other serious human rights violations committed in the former Yugoslavia (RECOM). The Flemish branch of PEN sent a strongly worded letter of support to the Initiative for RECOM because, as it stated in the letter to the Presidents, this initiative has strong potential to be a source for reconciliation in the region.

PENVlaanderen believes that the Initiative for RECOM has the potential to create a fresh and authoritative database for the judiciary, historical research and for the implementation of regional policy based on facts, and especially for creative moral and psychological investigations of existential context in the region. The Initiative for RECOM has the capacity to play a role that is crucial to the future, but also to overcoming the past.

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