Study Visit to The Hague


Study Visit to The Hague

During the next seven days group of Croatian journalists and monitors of war crimes trilas will participate at study visit to The Hague.

As part of their visit, the group of 18 war crime trial monitors and journalists will meet with the Cheif Prosecutor Brammertz and the Registrar Hocking as well as other senior officials from all sections of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), including the Defence, and attend presentations on a variety of aspects of the Tribunal’s work, including the Tribunal’s sentencing practice, the running of its Detention Unit and its work with victims of sexual violence. The group will also have an opportunity to attend the Tribunal’s hearings.

During the visit participants will visit other judicary institutions in The Hague as well - The International Criminal Court, The Special Court for Lebanon and news agency Sense.

The visit is organised by Documenta as part of its long-term work with local communities to encourage the establishment and acceptance of facts about the war in the former Yugoslavia. The visit is supported by the Dutch Embassy in Zagreb. This is the third visit of war crime trial monitors and journalists to the Tribunal organised by Documenta since 2010.

Commenting on the visit, Head of the Documenta Vesna Teršelić, said:  "With this visit, we aim to contribute to more objective reporting by the Croatian media of the ICTY trials. This is particularly important because the public in Croatia does not receive quality information about war crimes or the judicial proceedings for these crimes."

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