The fourth issue of "The Voice of the Initiative for RECOM"


The fourth issue of

Newsletter "The Voice of the Initiative for RECOM" provides information about the latest news and events related to the Initiative. Narrated by news about the process of advocacy and RECOM, the expressed political support, meetings with politicians in the region, the opinion of prominent public figures of the Initiative for RECOM, the media and public attitudes, and actions taken by the Coalition for RECOM.

The fourth issue of the newsletter is published in which the author Vankovska Biljana from Skopje writes on the current political situation in Macedonia. There is also an interview with actress and activist Uršo Raukar and article on how the region on different levels of responsibility perceived voice of families of victims of war crimes, written by Edina Đurković from Sarajevo.

In his editorial Duško Vuković from Podgorica writes on the importance of dealing with the past in the responsible institutions have for the citizens, the news from the region and other European countries in respect of reconciliation and consolidation of relations between states and peoples.

Glas Inicijative za REKOM, br. 04

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