Victim Support

Project Supporting Victims of Torture contributes to the development of a commona pproach in the treatment and care of vulnerable groups such as victims of war crimes. It specifically aims at creating conditions for permanent institutional and non-institutional support of civilian war victims, especially survivors of torture and rape, as well as severe gender based violence, and contributing to building sustainable and long-term mechanisms for justice and reparation for civilian victims through legislative changes.

The action targets torture survivors, former war detainees and prisoners of war, survivors of rape and sexual violence, severe gender-based violence, asylum seekers and refugees.The action takes place in Vukovar and Zagreb as well as other parts of Croatia.

The action consists of:

  • Direct support to civilian war victims

◦     Trainings for medical and paramedical professionals;

◦     Networking psychological and legal providers;

◦     Developing data base on providers;

◦     Publishing case studies on victims' sufferings in war affected towns;

◦     Recording personal memories of civilian victims.


  • Public advocacy campaign related to the right for

 rehabilitation and compensation of vulnerable groups

◦     Research on needs and treatment of civilian victims;

◦     Analysis of the situation and needs of victims;

◦     Meetings with relevant institutions and decision-makers;

◦     Advocacy campaign for eventual legislative changes;

◦     Media campaign for social support.


The project Supporting Victims of Torture has been implemented in cooperation of Documenta and European House Vukovar since late June 2013. It ends in December 2014 after which number of follow up actions in the field are planned.

The Project is financed within the EIDHR Program of the European Union for the Republic of Croatia.

The contents of this project are the sole responsibility of the civil society organisations and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

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